International Moves

Around the corner or across the world United Transport Inc takes you home.

Welcome to Progressive Relocation, an industry leader in international relocation, freight forwarding, and moving and storage services.  Progressive Relocation understands the amount of anxiety related to moving and we tailor each move to meet the unique needs of every customer.  Every shipment whether by air, ground, or ocean is carefully planned, managed, and tracked from door to door.  Each step in the relocation process is managed by Progressive Relocation, guaranteeing total control and providing comfort for the relocating family.  It takes experts at both ends of the move to ensure that everything goes as planned.  That’s why Progressive Relocation experiences continued worldwide growth and continued customer satisfaction.

Global Reach… Feel at Home

Our move coordinators can help guide customers through the maze of questions and concerns during the moving process, which includes: information on the destination country, shipping regulations, climate, schools and education and much more.  All of this information can be sent to the transferring family prior to the move to help them get acclimated before the movers arrive.

At United Transport Inc our experience and quality are accessible to you, helping to make moving internationally as easy as possible.


There are the 9 critical processes in an international move:


1. Planning: Create your action plan with Progressive Relocation International, using the United Transport Passport easy planning tool.
2. The Moving Estimate: Our local, qualified United Transport agent conducts a pre-move survey at your home to prepare the most accurate estimate possible. International estimates are quoted as a door-to-door, all-inclusive rate. Rates are quoted either per hundred pounds, or a flat rate per container.
3. Packing: United Transport professional packers prepare your shipment for safe international transport. They provide all materials and employ industry-proven techniques for international shipment.
4. High-Value Items: United Transport professional packers take special care of your high-value items. We document them and place security seals on the cartons – an added measure of protection.
5. Loading: Once your goods are packed, your United Transport agent may load them into wooden shipping containers called lift vans. These containers measure approximately 7’ x 4’ x 7’. For larger shipments, United Transport may load the entire household directly into a 40-foot or 20-foot steel ocean container at your residence.
6. To the Port: United Transport transfers your shipment to the port of departure.
7. Ocean or Air Transportation: At the port of departure, United Transport places your containerized shipment onto the ocean vessel or aircraft for international transport.
8. Customs Clearance: At the port of arrival your household goods shipment is processed by the destination customs authority and is cleared for transfer to the qualified destination agent carefully selected by United Transport.
9. Delivery: The United Transport International destination agent delivers your household goods and unpacks them at your new residence. Or, your shipment is delivered into storage until you are ready to receive your goods.


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