Local Moves

In most cases, a local move is a move from city to city within a state or in a 50-mile radius from your present location. The industry standard is to charge by the hour. Our local moving services can be customized and adapted to fit your every need. Our local moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive, depending on your specific situation. We are a local moving company who can customize your move to reflect the services you desire. Even if you’re moving down the street, there is still a certain amount of stress involved in a local move. With your personal relocation consultant, your stress can be minimized by allowing them to take care of the details.

Our many local moving services can be adapted to fit your personal preferences. If you wish to self-pack this is a highly cost-effective option for your local move. If you wish to make use of our various packing services, that is also an option provided to you. We offer fragile-only packing, full-service packing and custom crating.

Progressive Relocation also has various storage options for your local move. We provide both temporary and permanent storage for your belongings during a move. Our storage-in-transit facilities are secure, guaranteeing the safety of your belongings while being stored.


These are average move times for locals.

  • Junior 1 Bedroom Apt. (1 person) 2 to 4 hrs-2 movers
  • 1 Bedroom Apt. (1 person) 3 to 5hrs-2 movers
  • 1 Bedroom Apt. (2 person) 4 to 6hrs-2 movers
  • 2 Bedroom Apt. (2 person) 5 to 6hrs-2 movers
  • 2 Bedroom Apt. (family) 6 to 8hrs-2 movers
  • 2 Bedroom House 6 to 8hrs-2, 3 movers
  • 3 Bedroom House 6 to 9hrs-3 movers
  • 4Bedroom House up to 12hrs

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